About us

Vinzenz Hasenöhrl

Vinzenz Hasenöhrl (he/him) is an artist, music producer and DJ, ex-mascot manager and former fitting model for shoes, who works independently as an event and tour manager alongside his artistic activities.

Merani Schilcher

Merani Schilcher (she/her) is a media artist and UX designer with a big heart for robots.
Her work ranges from sculptures and installations to exhibition design, graphic design and typography.

Josef Piwowarsky

Josef Piwowarsky (he/him) is a restaurateur, sommelier and DJ with a penchant for extravagant dresses and fancy wigs.
As a trained chef and part of the Slow Food Academy, he is constantly working to enrich the culinary scene in Germany.

Sabine Kühlberg

Sabine Kühlberg (she/her) is an author, voice-over artist, singer and former PR consultant with a knack for the cosmic.
Thanks to her experience and expertise, she now increasingly acts as a consultant in all situations in life.

Everything is in motion.
Trust the process.

morph was born out of the idea of Vinzenz and Merani to create an event concept that celebrates art and culture, lives from quality and soul, reaches out and builds bridges. A common platform, a network to support and encourage each other and to realize themselves artistically: Values and perspectives that Vinzenz has come to know as cornerstones of techno culture and that significantly influence his work. Combined with Merani's fascination for the interaction between technology and its human users, it is probably no surprise that morph presents itself in an electronic and technical aesthetic.

Not least thanks to the support, impetus and pioneering work of Sabine as a consultant and Josef as a restaurateur, morph has become what we want to celebrate and grow together with you. Each of us has had our own experiences, setbacks as well as successes and contributed our knowledge to make morph a synaesthetic experience for us all.

We are proud to work and collaborate with so many different visual and musical artists and can't wait to show you what we have created together.


Stimulations shape into impulses, flowing rhythms, the senses take over consciousness, and you feel the energy of deep connection. Dive into the moment - morph with us.

Boundless culture, freedom through expression. morph is not exclusive or elitist. It's not just a place or a night. It's a feeling, a passion - not a decision. It lives through you, through us.

For us, the essence of techno culture is free expression regardless of convention, but filled with respect and acceptance. Individual expression allows ideas to emerge, liberatesthe body, and opens the mind. morph connects art, culture, and community. Those who accompany us become part of the synthesis.

Discrimination, in any form, has no place here. morph welcomes all equally. We believe in realizing free spaces through mindfulness. Cultural and artistic transformation is a deep, unifying human need.

Everything is interconnected. Aesthetics are as boundless as culture and make perceptions and feelings reality. Multimedia connects. morph signifies the chance for development. Let's create interaction together and unleash the synergy.


It is our collective responsibility to ensure that every individual feels accepted and wantedthroughout the entire event. morph celebrates togetherness and works towards a harmonious community based on the balance of individual development and the personal boundaries of each individual.

To maintain this balance, it is necessary to take appropriate precautions and adequately train all staff. Security personnel, bar staff, and the morph team work in constant communication with each other.

morph does not adhere to quotas, trends, or status symbols. Mutual respect, free expression, openness, and tolerance are the premise for being part of this collective moment.

Individuals who feel uncomfortable or witness a disturbing or disrespectful incident shouldhave the opportunity to approach identifiable personnel on site.

Community & Cooperation

morph thrives on feedback and impulses. Whoever has interest or a request should have the opportunity to contact us. Accordingly, information will be provided at the event location. Contact persons will also be available on site at all times.

We believe that shared moments, memories, and cultural meeting places are primarily created through interaction and collective consciousness. We aim to connect and foster. Therefore, we collaborate with artists, producers, and companies who understand our values and share our mission.